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YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program

offers 24/7 shelter, a crisis hotline and emergency intervention for victims of domestic violence. Providing services for the entire family in Kanawha, Clay and Boone counties, YWCA Resolve also offers case management, court advocacy, counseling, support groups, safety planning, monitored parent-child visitation/exchange, parenting sessions, and programs for children, teen dating safety and batterers intervention/prevention. Licensed by the West Virginia Family Protection Services Board, our mission is to eliminate domestic violence through leadership, education, empowerment and community collaboration.

YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program

24-hour Domestic Violence Crisis Lines:

     Charleston calling area: 304.340.3549

     Toll-free: 800.681.8663 

Administrative number: 304.340.3549

Boone County office: 304.369.4189 

Clay County office: 304.587.7243 (304.395.3479 cell)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also operate the YWCA Monitored Visitation & Exchange Center for parents and children.

To schedule an appointment call:
Monday - Friday:  304-610-9118
Saturday - Sunday:  304-414-0016