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“I married Jim in 1995 while I was still in college. At first, he was charming, caring and sensitive; however, certain behaviors left me with nagging concerns. Jim was a heavy drinker and especially controlling and confrontational when he drank. Eventually he became verbally and physically abusive.

My family became worried after seeing warning signs in my relationship, but I dismissed their concern and attempts to intervene. As a perfectionist, I didn’t want to admit that my young marriage was failing. I repeatedly attempted to work things out, believing that I could love him into changing. 

It was only after five years and three attempts to leave that I found the strength to leave my abuser for good. With the burden of enormous financial debt, I moved into a trailer on my parent’s property and taught both day and night school to get back on my feet. Through the help of the YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program I began down my slow path to healing and attended weekly counseling and support groups. 

Today, I have achieved more than I ever imagined – I earned my master’s degree, re-married, and wrote a book on my experiences entitled Silent No More: Speaking Out About Domestic Violence. I try to raise awareness about domestic violence through speeches, presentations, and fundraising.

Krista Fink's Story


“I returned to my abuser three times before  I found the strength to leave for good.”

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