"You're Better Than That"

A partnership between YWCA Charleston & Rock 105

If you heard us on Rock 105, and you're here - we're so glad. YWCA Charleston's Resolve Family Abuse Program is here to help. We offer services for victims of domestic violence, but also to men and women who lose control of their anger and take it out on their partners. Check out the info below and give us a call - because you're better than that.

Batterer Intervention/Prevention Program (BIPP)

Are you being abusive toward your partner?
  • Have your actions harmed your partner?

  • Do you use threats or intimidation with your partner?

  • Have you ever threatened your partner with physical harm?

  • Have you ever spied on your partner?

Stop the cycle of violence
Survivor -
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Batterers Intervention -
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Brent Smith - Shinedown
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Arejay Hale - Halestorm
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Don Nehlen - former WVU head coach
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Costaki Economopoulos - Comedian
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Tom - Rock 105 Bob & Tom Show
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Chili Walker - Rock 105
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Shawn Pugh - Rock 105
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CALL NOW: (304) 395-3479


Violence is a CHOICE. You can CHOOSE not to be violent. Get the help you need from the YWCA Resolve Program.


The Batterers Intervention/Prevention Program's (BIPP) goal is to help batterers and perpetrators identify abusive behaviors, recognize the effects of violence in others, accept responsibility for personal behavior and develop healthier relationship skills.


Contact the BIPP Coordinator for help at (304) 395-3479. Get more information about domestic violence or find out if YWCA BIPP will help you. You don't have to give your name when you call.

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At YWCA Charleston we are dedicated to our mission: eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


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