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Dr. Unmoal Hamdan is a native of Charleston, WV. She is a proud mother of three boys and has a thriving dental practice in South Charleston.

“Growing up in a post 9/11 era, I found myself encountering challenges as a young adult that I never faced in my childhood. 

Rather than trying to become more palatable to the divisive climate around me, I was emboldened to trek forward, knowing I would face obstacles in pursuit for success. I attained my degree in Dentistry from West Virginia University and decided to return to my hometown to be closer to family, something I wasn’t fortunate to have growing up.

As a Muslim, I wear my hijab as a symbol of my faith and devotion towards God, and that doesn’t make me any less American. What could be more American than a girl from Charleston with a dream? My decision to become a business owner couldn’t have come at a better time because it flips the narrative that Muslim women are oppressed or that Muslims are not a fabric of this nation.

I’ve worked for this moment to serve as an inspiration for the next generation to feel confident that the sky is the limit and that neither your beliefs, nor your appearance should determine your opportunity to succeed. My work with YWCA’s Racial Justice Committee has reaffirmed my love for this great city and for the people who can see past the political divide and have a seat at the table.”

You can ensure anti-racism and diversity initiatives happen in our community.

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