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more than changing hearts and minds

YWCA Charleston’s Racial Justice Endowment Campaign is a continuation of our century-long commitment to social justice.

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   YWCA Charleston
   mission and history


Since 1912, YWCA Charleston has been on a mission to empower women and promote social justice. In 1944, our first woman of color joined our board of directors. At that time, we issued a public proclamation condemning segregation. We embrace our organization’s mission today: “The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.” Our programs offer shelter and support to women and their children living on the edge, thus mitigating the downstream effects of poverty and racism.

After more than 100 years serving marginalized and poor communities, our diverse committee leadership (which includes representation from the Muslim, African American, Hispanic and Asian communities) and racial justice director recognize the need to build on this work and target our efforts upstream. Strengthening local capacity to attack the root causes of racism will positively affect people of color, while lifting up our entire community. We invite you to join us.

   Racial Equity & Inclusion Program
   future vision

As people are introduced to concepts of privilege and racism, their eyes will be opened to a world of inequity. Each person has the capacity to be part of the solution, and YWCA Charleston will provide the tools and leadership to achieve meaningful systemic change.

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   YWCA Charleston
current work

Anti-Racism Facilitated


Understanding bias is the first step to managing it. Our sessions explore the deep rooted history of bias, provides actionable ways to become an ally, bring forth an understanding of privilege, and encourage learners to use what they’ve learned to reduce the negative effects of bias.


Mirrors & Windows

Conversations with elementary-aged students that give insight into ethnic diversity and foster a sense of cultural appreciation


Reel Talk

Film series with facilitated discussion highlighting impacts of racism and nuances of racism and providing context


Race to End Racism

Annual run/walk held on the West Side of Charleston that serves as a consciousness-raiser and fundraiser for racial justice work


One Book One Community
Book club with facilitated discussion around topics relevant to racism


Conversation Cafe
Facilitated discussions in community venues to create a safe space for dialogue on race and racial justice issues


Cultural Celebrations
Pop-up programming and communications to engage the community in learning about and celebrating different races, ethnicities and religions (i.e. Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, etc.)

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