Believable Hope

The YWCA Shanklin Center for Senior Enrichment & Empowerment Homes for Women provide safe, affordable, permanent housing with comprehensive case management and supportive services to help homeless, abused seniors and chronically homeless women navigate the difficult physical, emotional and financial challenges that they encounter, some living alone for the first time in their life. One of the main goals of both Shanklin and Empowerment, is to optimize independent functioning within the supportive setting, allowing participants to attain greater self-determination, ultimately resulting in them maintaining permanent housing.

We focus on moving participants into the program as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once participants are housed, we work closely with each individual to identify specific barriers that they have experienced, or expect to experience, in maintaining permanent housing.

We provide opportunities for educational, cultural and skill development. Realizing that there is a clear correlation between social support and life satisfaction, we strive to help participants develop a meaningful social network, despite physical and mental health, or financial limitations. Group activities are provided regularly, encouraging the residents to interact and develop support systems with one another.

While residents being served at the YWCA Shanklin Center and Empowerment Homes enter the program as a homeless, disabled victim of elder abuse or domestic violence, it is important to understand that they don’t need to be changed, rather they need profound change in their lives.

We could discuss all of theories and best practices about the most effective way to accomplish “profound change,” but it’s really as simple as hope. More specifically, Believable Hope. Believable Hope that comes from seeing others overcome situations similar to our own and realizing that we can do the same! For our residents, it’s Believable Hope that comes from seeing others who have been victims of violence that are now living an emotionally healthy and happy life! Believable Hope that comes from being embraced and welcomed into an unconventional family, made up of a community of their peers! Believable Hope that they will no longer have to be chained to their past, giving them the confidence to encourage others to find Believable Hope! The ladies at the YWCA Shanklin Center and Empowerment Homes, despite the struggles they have endured, are thriving in their environment, some enjoying the best years of their life!

Everyone has something, some struggle, some trauma, some issue with which they have to deal…it is how you choose to deal with that “something” that makes you who you are. Often we encounter individuals that are struggling in some way and we want to help, but aren’t sure how. Everyone can help someone in some way. Sometimes it’s by providing safe shelter, a warm meal or clean clothing. Or maybe it’s as simple as helping someone to find “Believable Hope!”

If you’d like to be part of Believable Hope here at YWCA Shanklin Center and Empowerment Homes, please get in touch. We have lots of opportunities for volunteers.

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