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Local Woman Spotlight: Leigh Poindexter

This teacher embraces diversity across her classroom - and life!

I’m Leigh Poindexter from Charleston, WV. I turned 30 at the beginning of March, and I’m newly and happily engaged.

I’m a proud 5th grade teacher at Mary C. Snow Elementary on the West Side of Charleston.

As a teacher of a diverse group of kiddos, especially diverse for our state, I embody the elimination of racism. I’ve learned so much through teaching my students. They love and accept everyone, regardless of their abilities, race, beliefs or background. I’m inspired by their resilience, their ability to laugh and smile through chaos and adversity, their love for learning and their acceptance of all people.

I think I’m most known for being a passionate leader, a strong and loving teacher and a valuable friend, plus I’m great at hugs!

I teach Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science and Health. However, I also teach my students what respect looks and feels like, the importance of hope to get them through tough situations, self-discipline and self-regulation, responsibility and that love and kindness are universal. I listen to and learn from each of my students so that I can meet their academic needs as well as their social and emotional needs.

What makes me passionate about what I do is being able to nurture and guide others on their path to growth. Another part of my job that I love is getting to help people grow. Other than my students, I enjoy opportunities to mentor student teachers who are completing their beginning observation hours and researching for, creating and even teaching their first lesson plans. I’ve also held many teacher-leader positions at my school, which allow me to support my fellow teachers. I love what I do and though it is exhausting at times, I feel so grateful to get to fulfill my passion daily.

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