January 30, 2018

Each year in the selection process I go in feeling like there is no way we can find 5 new women that totally embrace the YWCA mission, but we do, and this year is no exception.

Over the course of her life, Walker has worked tirelessly as an advocate for women’s rights and racial justice, and has been a steadfast supporter of improving access to mental health services and tearing down the stigma of mental health issues.

With three young children – two with serious health conditions – creating financial independence as a single mom was no easy feat. But because life had taught Whitney the value of self-reliance, she trusted the YWCA Mel Wolf Child Development Center to care for her chi...

As a young professional I was at awe at watching Jan as she entered a room and seeing the respect she commanded and watching how people reacted to her leadership and guidance. For woman to dominate and command respect in a man’s world throughout her professional career...

January 2, 2018

“I could never work for a charity if I didn’t have a passion for it, and that’s what it really came down to,” she said.

Through this project, our children were able to gain an understanding of how to plant a seed and what happens to that seed when they take proper care of it. The children also learned about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables while doing physical work in the ga...

While residents being served at the YWCA Shanklin Center and Empowerment Homes enter the program as a homeless, disabled victim of elder abuse or domestic violence, it is important to understand that they don’t need to be changed, rather they need profound change in th...

As we approach a holiday where hearts and hands join to reflect on what we have to be thankful for, we offer this from our grateful hearts. Each and every day, we are grateful for so many things at YWCA Charleston.

Tolerance is neither indifference nor indulgence. It is showing respect for others, their opinions, and beliefs along with having an appreciation of the variety of backgrounds that our neighbors come from. It is also acting without hostility and prejudice toward others...

The YWCA Sojourner’s Shelter for Homeless Women and Families program mission and vision is to provide a safe healthy, and nurturing environment and promote self-sufficiency. Services are provided to single women, women with children, men with custody of their children,...

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