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Local Woman Spotlight: Sandy Call

This restauranteur empowers her community.

Name: Sandy Call

Hometown: St. Albans WV

Age: 50

Occupation/Title: Sole Woman Owned -Restauranteur of Bridge Road Bistro & Catering Franchise & Bistro Soup Base

YWCA Charleston is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Please choose one portion of the mission and tell me how you embody it?

It’s truly hard to choose one part without carrying the other parts to make a difference! Being Indigenous, Cherokee deep roots, looking different and being treated as so has kept me driven in my life.

But my true passion would be Empowering Women. Empowering women-it’s what I stand so strong for! I feel that empowering other women to be and do what they want in life is critical and life-changing! Society tends to lean less on women for many different reasons, and I want women to become everything they have ever hoped or dreamed of! No barriers in front of us! We don’t need to have a checklist as a female that says "you have to get married, you have to have children by a certain time." We need to think more freely and embrace ourselves for the betterment of our society and most importantly ourselves!

We are threatened with our reproductive organs consistently all over the world and that keeps us in the background and treated less than. We need to be respected and honored for who we are! All of us need to stand strong together and bond a union to support one another. Moving forward in our thinking is critical or otherwise we are moving in reverse. Future women need empowerment, mentors and a hand up when needed. They need to be guided and educated to make choices for themselves, especially while they are young. As mature women, we need to instill confidence, dignity and grace.

In one sentence, can you tell me what you're most known for?

I believe I’m known for being a good person that treats everyone with the utmost respect, whether as being a Head Coach at the Bistro or spending time with loved ones.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do:

I studied Political Science and had the desire to be a corporate attorney, but life took me in a different direction. Professionally, I have been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. I love to help make memories and share moments with folks! I’ve coordinated over 100 Outback Steakhouse Openings across the USA, duplicating a brand and helped grow a concept that was 86 strong at the time. I managed with Anheuser Busch & Red Bull North America, and dabbled in advertising. I have had a WV Realtors License as my Plan B. With all of my experiences and adventures, I’ve really tried to create the most elevated dining experience possible while keeping the dining experience comfortable. A lot of guests tell me our concept should be out of town, like the Hamptons. Personally, I love to spend time with my godchildren and my love of my life, Shane! I enjoy golf and travel! I have a strong love for concerts- and live music! Love shoes too much! And just try to enjoy the best life I can and help others do the same!

What makes you passionate about what you do?

The love of serving! I love the smiles and conversations, pictures flashing, and great food and drinks being enjoyed! Making lasting memories with anyone that will cross my path!

Any other information you'd like to add or include?

GNO has touched my life so much that I have it woven in my life! I want everyone to know and recognize abuse and know that it’s unacceptable. We have help for them! I like to call the staff at YWCA "Guardian Angels." No one should ever have to be in the shadows of DV. We have done amazing in the last decade – shouting from the rooftops and making this topic in the forefront. Our region in Appalachia is very cyclical with abuse. Generations teach our future and the younger we can educate them, the better we all will be.


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